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57 Years of Experience

Certified Quality Manager (CQM)


Fran attended Central Technical Institute of Electronics and graduated with an Associate Degree in Radio & Television Electronics. He was recruited by General Electric to work on air-borne civilian and military radar systems.

Fran served in the US Army in the Armed Forces Special Weapons Program as an instructor in Atomic Warhead and Guided Missile Systems maintenance.

After discharge, he worked at Reliance Electric & Engineering’s Atomic Power Division in R & D. Later he obtainied a technical position at Picker X-Ray (now Philips Medical Systems), and was involved in research and pioneering programs to adapt closed circuit television to medical x-ray imaging systems.

Over the course of 33 years, he held several positions of increasing responsibilities in division and corporate Quality Engineering management. He took many technical and management courses and was recognized as a Senior Principle Quality Engineer. He was briefly employed as a quality engineer at Victoreen Instruments on nuclear monitoring instrumentation.

In 1993, Fran accepted the position of Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality at National Biological Corporation (NBC). Fran was a member of ASQ and served on FDA advisory committees and as the NBC company liaison to the FDA and Canadian and foreign Governmental agencies.

Currently, Fran is helping companies and businesses to establish documented FDA/ISO quality management systems in compliance with domestic, and international quality standards and regulations associated with automotive, medical, aerospace, military/DOD, and general process quality programs.

Fran's specialties include:

Intimate hands-on knowledge and experience in FDA/ISO quality management systems, processes, and requirements for establishment of documented programs associated with medical devices, automotive, aerospace/aircraft, military/DOD, and general process quality programs.

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