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KAVON ACTion Group LogoKAVON International, Inc. is a management consulting firm formed in 1983 that has achieved steady growth as a result of successful project completion with all its clients. Delivering what we promise, and on time, has provided us with a significant base of repeat clients. Our goal is to assist clients in becoming recognized as World Class in the markets they serve. KAVON has the following three resource centers to address every aspect of a company's operation:

The KAVON ACTion Group

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The KAVON ACTion Group can help you understand and implement Management Systems that meet the requirements of all the major standards like ISO 9001, ISOTS 16949, ISO 14001, AS9100, ISO 13485 and ISO 17025.

Competition in the global marketplace demands that companies demonstrate compliance or registration to one or more of these standards. Our Trusted Advisors have helped hundreds of companies do just that.

KAVON can help you install or improve any of your business systems and show you how to monitor and measure its success along with sustaining its continued viability.

The KAVON Learning Center

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Employee training is a critical element in achieving the goals and objectives of any organization. Employees are constantly joining or leaving, taking on new responsibilities through promotions, lateral moves, or special projects, or having to adapt to a changing global marketplace.

The KAVON Learning Center, with its multitude of courses, provides an educational resource for companies to keep employees on the cutting edge. We can analyze your educational needs and design a curriculum specific to your company.

Training can be provided at your company or at a KAVON site.

The KAVON Resource Center

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Through the KAVON Resource Center, we provide our clients with business resources and informtion to help them achieve their business objectivs and become World-Class in the markets they serve.

These resources address the full range of business topics from getting the order to collecting the cash. Information is available to help establish a business framework from which to build the business and then to continually improve that business on the way to World-Class recognition.

Our Trusted Advisors provide and frequently update a wealth of information in the KAVON Resource Center to help get you started.

The KAVON News Center

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The KAVON News Center is the area where we report on news events related to our business. This includes KAVON company news, industry and sector news, client news, and the latest developments in the solutions we offer clients.

The KAVON Product Center

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The KAVON Product Center is where you can purchase products we recommend to our clients.

KAVON Team Rooms

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The KAVON Team Rooms are resource areas established to support our clients/students who participated in specific training activities with our Trusted Advisors. The purpose is to promote understanding of the subject matter and to allow members to interact with our Trusted Advisors and each other. In addition to providing numerous Team Room specific information, each Team Room provides a forum for members to exchange ideas.

The membership in each Team Room is restricted to students who successfully completed the specified course work.


KAVON International, Inc., is a member of the Greater Cleveland Growth Association's Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE); American Society for Quality (ASQ); and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).

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