The KAVON Resource Center Overview

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Through the KAVON Resource Center, we provide our clients with business resources and informtion to help them achieve their business objectivs and become World-Class in the markets they serve.

These resources address the full range of business topics from getting the order to collecting the cash. Information is available to help establish a business framework from which to build the business and then to continually improve that business on the way to World-Class recognition.

Our Trusted Advisors provide and frequently update a wealth of information in the KAVON Resource Center to help get you started.

These resources include:

KAVON Resource Center Item icon These Quality Management System (QMS) standards define the policies, processes, and procedures required for an organization to fullfill its strategic objectives. The integration of the organization's internal and external processes within the framework of a QMS, enables an organization to identify, measure, control and improve those processes, which results in improved business performance and increased customer satisfaction.

KAVON's Trusted Advisors can help your organization with implementation, training and preparation for certification by a third party Registrar.

These standards include:

"Speaking Out"
KAVON Resource Center Item icon Read what our Trusted Advisors have to say on issues that affect our clients and businesses in general. These articles cover a wide range of topics from multiple industries. The opinions and positions are based on years of experience working with clients in a multitude of industries.

KAVON Resource Center Item icon These questions represent issues that our clients have raised for clarification. The responses to these question come from our Trusted Advisors and other experts in the specified filed. We encourage everyone to use this knowledge base to improve their business.

Glossary of Terms
KAVON Resource Center Item icon The Glossary Of Terms provide definitions to commonly used words in various business environments.

KAVON Motivational Quotes
KAVON Resource Center Item icon We found the following motivational quotes inspirational and complement many of the business strategies that we promote. We hope you do as well.

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KAVON Resource Center Item icon Thank you for visiting us! Here are a few of the sites around the web that we recommend.

Recommended Reading List
KAVON Resource Center Item icon KAVON has identified a number of resources that can help your organization understand some of the technologies and methodologies that our Trusted Advisors use to help you develop solutions to your most pressing problems and opportunities.

If you have any suggestions, contact us and we will consider adding it to the list.